Life of V

The journey and the bumps along the way

Maybe this time

The thing about life it, sometimes it likes to pull the rug out from under you, and leave you stunned and defeated, crumpled on the ground like a pile of leaves. Hardly a day goes by when I don't find... Continue Reading →



You can't control the things that happen to you. You can only control how you react to those things. Sometimes, the ways you used to cope with certain situations, well they simply don't work anymore. The probably didn't really work... Continue Reading →

Phase 1

In January, I walked into the chiropractor's office. After his initial assessment and an x-ray, it was determined my spine has been misaligned and it's been causing the pain in my joints and muscles for as long as I can... Continue Reading →

Revised Bucket List

Making changes in my life means making a plan. And then throwing away that plan and coming up with plan b, c, d, e... Taking a goal and breaking it down into smaller goals, means people who like to make... Continue Reading →

Life Traps And Setting Myself Free

So, like many people, I am currently in therapy. I am in a program that helps me identify the events in my life that have shaped my core beliefs and coping skills, and gives me tools to help myself react... Continue Reading →

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