I voted today.

Today, in Canada, is voting today in our federal election. I’m seriously hoping this is a time for change. We need new leadership. I want to live in a country of which I am proud. Under Harper’s “leadership” I am not very proud. Fingers crossed.

I had difficulty voting. After walking up with sinus and lung congestion, having to walk in the freezing cold (I’m not used to 0 degrees yet!), with my passport, license, citizenship card, SIN number and Health card, the gentleman at the polling station said I had to have another piece of ID that had my address on it. No, I don’t. But he wouldn’t look at my ID unless one of them had my current address on it (my driver’s license has my previous address on it; it’s expensive to pay for another license just because of an address change and I’m financially um, unstable at the moment). So, I had to leave. I felt pretty defeated because I was just denied a right. Later, I went back with every single bill, tax return, tuition statement, student loan payment schedule, letter from community services, anything that had my name and address on it. I intended them to read every single piece of paper, to make sure they knew my identity and address, so there was no fucking doubt that no one else was trying to be me.

A lady took my license and voter card and checked my name off on the list. I gave her all the other pieces of ID that I’d brought with me the first time, and she said “oh no, you don’t need all those pieces of identification. You’ve provided enough.” (I KNOWWWWWWWWWWWWW) *eye twitch*

But I voted today.

This is how I feel about that: