A Better Place

A few days ago, Chad and I celebrated our five year anniversary. Sometimes I can’t believe that I’ve found someone who’s been able to handle the fact that I’m kinda messed up in my head, and still been able to see the human underneath and love her. In the past, it’s sent people running, and I just kind of got used to it. When the chips were down, most folded. Chad raised. I’ve never had such a connection with someone, a deep understanding and acceptance of the whole package. So we celebrated all this with steak. 🙂 We’re real partiers too. We clinked glasses filled with non-alcoholic drinks, made out in our little corner of the dining room of The Keg, and giggled and stared stupidly at each other like it was our first date. It was nice.

We stayed up late talking, like we did the day we met, and talked about everything from which was the best Star Trek (TNG, obviously), our future plans and dreams, the differences between vegetarian and vegan (neither of which we would ever be, unless they invented a bacon tree), the changes going on at work (I’ll get to that), and even remembering that our anniversary was also a sad one, for it was the day Canada lost Jack Layton. We both admired him, and it comes up in conversation every year, because I was the one who broke the news to Chad the day we met.

I’m very lucky to have Chad in my life, and I don’t even think I understand how lucky. He’s been by my side during the toughest moments of my life, and carried me through when I couldn’t bear it. He’s been there when the darkest parts of me clouded the real me and helped me break through and come back (hopefully) stronger. I wouldn’t be here today without his love, and I don’t even think he knows how many times he’s saved my life.

So, here’s to five years. I love you more than all planets orbiting all the stars in the universe. Thanks to you, I’m gonna be alright.