Life of V

The journey and the bumps along the way

34 – Saving myself from myself

I turned 34 years old yesterday. Fuck. It has affected me differently than I anticipated. I guess I thought I would be a different person by this age. But then again, I should have figured out that I wasn't going... Continue Reading →



There are many things in my life that depression does not let me see. I tend to focus on the negative, and has clouded the positive so it stays hidden. Ignored. While I was growing up, I felt ignored, overlooked,... Continue Reading →

Maintenance in Progress

I bought a journal. I know I have literally a hundred notebooks (and I am using literally correctly... I actually have about 100 notebooks... and a shopping addiction apparently). This one feels special. It's a leather bound, I don't even... Continue Reading →

Sorting the laundry

Living with an anxiety disorder is an exhausting existence. There's an active volcano in my brain that could erupt at any moment, causing devastation and a meltdown in the middle of the grocery aisle. It's been happening more often in... Continue Reading →

The Other Shoe

Ya know how just a few days ago, I wrote about how things were starting to come up Vicky? Well, I spoke a little soon. Not really, but that's how it feels today. Two days ago, I had a massive... Continue Reading →

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